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How to Style Faux Flowers

These four simple tips will make your faux blooms look like the real thing.

Gunn & Co. faux flowers

Faux flowers and greenery have come a long way in the past several years. I love them for so many reasons - they’re low-maintenance, budget friendly, and versatile. But there is a trick to styling them!


How to decorate with faux flowers

  • The first step is knowing what to look for.

  • Shop for flowers and greenery that have a lifelike feel and colour. You’ll see some fake flowers have very bold, saturated colours, when in real life, those blooms would not.

  • You want stems that bend easily and that you can shape and arrange.

  • Choose flowers and greenery that match the scale of the real flower.


faux pink peonies

  • When decorating with faux flowers, branches or greenery, it’s best to decorate with just one type per vase. They start to look fake when you mix too many together.

  • Style each stem or bunch individually, bending and fluffing as needed.

  • Think about your vase. Some stems look less lifelike, but the flowers on top are worth it! Avoid clear glass vases to avoid exposing a lot of the stems.

  • Get creative...use vintage containers, tins or baskets. 


Faux white tulips from Gunn & Co

  • If you are arranging flowers in a low vase, or container, and are having a hard time keeping them in place, tuck floral foam or chicken wire in the base of the container.

  • For taller vessels, wrap the stems in a rubber band, use floral tape on the top of the vase taped into a grid, or use chicken wire in the bottom of the container to help place each bloom.

  • For oversized arrangements, chicken wire works best for creating a full look.

lavender faux baby's breath in a large basket


how to decorate with faux flowers

  • One question I get asked all the time is: How many flowers you need to style a vase? It can depend on where the vase is. If it is up against a wall you can get away with less, but if your vase is out in the open, you want to make it look full from every angle. 

  • Measure the circumference of the vase before you go shopping. And make sure you get enough blooms to cover more than that opening size. 

  • Bend and spread out the branches to make the flowers or berries look fuller.

  • Think about the height of the arrangement too. Taller vases need taller flowers or branches. The ‘rule’ is that flowers should be 1.5 to 2 times taller than the vase. But you can break that rule for smaller arrangements and keep it low.

tips for shopping for faux flowers


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