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How to Create a Gallery Wall Around a TV

gallery wall how to
Angus Fergusson Photography

Choosing art and photos for a gallery wall around your TV is different than designing it for a blank wall. You want to mix large pieces with a few smaller pieces to make the TV look like it’s part of the design. 

The first step is planning the layout.

How to design a gallery wall
Tara West Photography

Start with the larger pieces and work your way out from the TV. Mix sizes and frame shapes. Select art or photos that are beautiful, have meaning and work well visually in relation to each other. Art with more subtle colours helps the pieces fade into the background and prevents them from competing with your favourite show.

Either plan the layout online with an app like Canva, lay out the art on the floor, or create templates for each piece, using kraft paper, and tape them to the wall. This will allow you to visualize the gallery without filling your wall full of holes.

Sarah Gunn gallery wall

Now here is the most important trick to making your gallery wall look balanced and beautiful: each piece of art should be hung exactly the same distance from at least one other piece. Three inches is best.

gallery wall with minted art
Tara West Photography

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