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DIY Pumpkin Centrepiece

Embrace fall's arrival with this pretty faux pumpkin and baby's breath DIY.


- cake stand

- faux or real white pumpkin

- baby's breath

- white chalk paint

- paint brush

- green floral wire

- scissors


1. Faux white pumpkins are usually more of a cream shade, so I chose to paint this one a crisp white. I recommend using chalk paint because it doesn't require primer first.

2. Use a long piece of the floral wire to create a circle slightly smaller than the diameter of the cake stand.

3. Trim baby's breath into shorter sprigs.

4. Cut several small pieces of floral wire.

5. Place one sprig of baby's breath on the floral wire circle. Attach using small piece of floral wire. Continue until you have wrapped the entire circle with baby's breath.

6. Place the baby's breath wreath on the cake stand and set the pumpkin in place.

7. Lightly spray the baby's breath with water every day or so to keep it looking fresh.


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